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  • Why We're the Right Dental Office for You
    Have you been looking for a new dental office? Dental Traditions is an excellent choice if you live in the Fayetteville, GA, area. Dentists Drs. Edwin Richardson, Jonathan Robinson, and Read more
  • When Is Root Canal Therapy Needed?
    Could a root canal save your tooth and end your pain? Your Fayetteville, GA, dentists, Drs. Edwin Richardson and Jonathan Robinson of Dental Traditions, can help you protect your smile Read more
  • Rebuild Your Smile with Dental Implants
    Your lost tooth may be gone, but that doesn't mean you can't replace it. In fact, it's possible to restore your entire missing tooth, from the root all the way Read more
  • How Can Veneers Help Your Smile?
    A bright, flawless smile is one of your heart's desires. But, some stains here and a chip there detract from your dream. Don't fret. At Dental Traditions in Fayetteville, your Read more
  • Do You Need a Root Canal?
    Are you wondering why you really need to get root canal therapy? No one wants an aching, decayed tooth. While you may wish you had kept better oral care after the Read more
  • Only You Know You're Wearing ClearCorrect!
    A straight, beautiful smile—who wouldn't want one? If you'd like to reach that goal but in a discreet fashion, you will be greatly interested in ClearCorrect invisible aligners from Dental Read more
  • How Often Should I Visit My Dentist?
    Let's be frank. Many people dread visiting the dentist, but that doesn't mean it's good for us. Your Fayetteville, GA, dentists, Dr. Ed Richardson and Dr. Jonathan Robinson, want you to know that missing Read more
  • Would Dental Bonding Help Me?
    Would you like to improve your smile without breaking your budget? Bonding offers an effective, inexpensive way to address many cosmetic dental issues. Fayetteville, GA, dentists Dr. Ed Richardson and Read more
  • Could Crowns or Bridges Help Me?
    At Dental Traditions in Fayetteville, GA, your dentists, Dr. Ed Richardson and Dr. Jonathan Robinson, help people of all ages achieve smiles that are strong, attractive, and long-lasting. Their restorative Read more
  • Are You Keeping Good Oral Hygiene Habits?
    Would you like to hear good news the next time you visit the dentist? Good oral hygiene habits can help you avoid cavities and gum disease. Fayetteville, GA, dentists Drs. Read more
  • What is ClearCorrect?
    What your dentists in Fayetteville want you to know If nature gave you a smile that is less-than-straight, did you know you can achieve a straight smile easily and comfortably? It’s Read more
  • Close the Gaps In Your Smile
    The gaps in your teeth may seem as though they will be there forever and make you feel like your smile is subpar. However, you can close the gaps in Read more
  • Causes of Root Canal Problems
    Problems in the root canal area of the teeth can be caused by such things as injury or decay. In cases in which the damage or decay is extensive, the Read more
  • Show Off Your Best Possible Smile
    Are you ready to find out how dental veneers could significantly improve your smile’s appearance? Perhaps you’ve been doing a little online research and stumbled upon dental veneers. Are you a Read more
  • Your Diet Affects Your Smile
    Taking care of your teeth is an important part of keeping your health in general under control. Conditions like tooth decay and gum disease can lead to complex and painful Read more
  • Root Canal Therapy is Nothing to Fear
    Don’t let myths about this dental treatment have you concerned. Has one of our Fayetteville, GA, dentists, Dr. Edwin Richardson or Dr. Jonathan Robinson, told you that your dental pain could Read more