The ABCs of Veneers - What they are, how they work

By Dental Traditions
December 19, 2014
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Some cosmetic dental issues are best resolved with an orthodontic treatment that may last for anywhere from six months to three years. But other dental issues can be easily and quickly fixed with veneers. Fayetteville veneers dentist Dr. Ed Richardson, DMD of Dental Traditions wants you to know the ABCs of veneers so that you’ll be fully informed at your first cosmetic consultation.
What Are Veneers?
A veneer is a dental restoration that looks like a thin tooth-sized wafer. It’s commonly made of porcelain or a special plastic material that looks just like the surface of a natural tooth. The veneer can be created to match the desired color of your teeth and to fill in any spaces. Veneers Veneersare made to cover the front teeth (top and bottom) that show when you smile.
How Do Veneers Work?
Veneers work by lying over the top of your existing tooth to make them look better. A veneer can be manufactured that is the perfect shade, size and shape to fit your unique smile. Fayetteville veneers dentist Dr. Richardson carefully prepares the surface of your existing tooth with his dental tools, then takes a mold to create the veneer. Using a strong cement dental adhesive, he then bonds the veneers to the surface of the tooth to reveal a new, straighter, whiter smile.
When Do You Need Veneers?
Veneers are a cosmetic solution that gives you the desirable “Hollywood” smile that many people prefer. If you have a tooth problem that can’t be resolved with orthodontics or cosmetic contouring, Fayetteville veneers will usually be the option of choice. Here are a few cases when veneers may be the best choice for fixing your smile:
- Your teeth are stained beyond the possibility of being whitened
- One or more teeth are awkwardly shaped
- A tooth at the front is crooked or chipped
- There’s a gap in the teeth that needs to be covered
Remember that veneers are a cosmetic solution that allows you to modify the looks of your original teeth. They can last for 10 to 15 years or more with regular maintenance.
Consult Dr. Richardson for a Veneers Consultation
If you believe that dental veneers may be the ideal cosmetic dental solution for your teeth, contact the office of Fayetteville veneers dentist Dr. Ed Richardson, DMD today. The office line is (770) 487-9797 or you can make an “Appointment Request” at to confirm a date and time with the dentist