Discover the Benefits of Dental Crowns

Discover the Benefits of Dental Crowns

Find out all that dental crowns may be able to offer your smile.

When you look at these custom-made dental crowns they may not seem like much but there is so much that they can do. One of the main dental crownspurposes of a crown is to protect a tooth that has sustained damage due to decay, infection or trauma. If one of our Fayetteville, GA dentists, Dr. Edwin Richardson and Dr. Jonathan Robinson, has told you that your smile could benefit from dental crowns, learn more about them and the smile advantages you could enjoy with these restorations.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you get dental crowns from our Fayetteville cosmetic dentists:

A Realistic Restoration

When you choose either porcelain or composite resin dental crowns then you know you’ll get a dental crown that mimics the same color and even translucency as real teeth. When these crowns are placed over your natural tooth no one will even be able to tell that you are wearing a dental crown.

Improved Cosmetic Appearance

If you are dealing with a tooth that is cracked, fractured, malformed or seriously discolored it can be embarrassing. Fortunately, dental crowns can also be placed over these teeth even if they aren’t damaged. Crowns are also a great way to improve the appearance of a tooth or teeth.

Rough and Tumble

We know you want a dental restoration that is actually strong enough to withstand the powerful forces of your jaw. After all, you want to feel confident whenever you eat that your crown will be resilient enough. Don’t worry; it certainly is! They are designed to last anywhere from five to 15 years. How long they last is up to you. If you care for them properly your crown could last up to 15 years (or maybe even longer).

Stain Fighting

Another benefit to porcelain dental crowns is that the material is completely stain-resistant, which makes it a superior choice when getting a dental restoration. While you will still want to be cognizant of the types of stain-producing foods and drinks you consume (After all, your natural teeth can still stain), if you brush and floss your crown you shouldn’t have to worry about stains.


One of the main goals of getting a dental crown is to cover a decayed or damaged tooth so that it can fully function again. A crown makes it easier to speak and chew properly without worrying about further damaging your weakened tooth.

If you want to get a dental crown in Fayetteville, GA then it’s time you called Dental Traditions to find out if you are a good candidate for this restorative and also cosmetic treatment. Call our office today!