Dental Bonding Can Help Fix Small Defects

Dental Bonding Can Help Fix Small Defects

Do you have some minor cosmetic flaws in your smile? Bonding may be your solution!

You might think cosmetic dentistry means a complete overhaul on your smile, leading to expensive procedures and long recovery dental bondingtimes. However, this specialty branch of dentistry - practiced at Dental Traditions in Fayetteville, NC - also includes dental bonding, a quick, painless and low-cost way to fix flaws in your teeth. Learn how Dr. Edwin Richardson and Dr. Jonathan Robinson use bonding to give their patients a whole new reason to smile.

What is bonding?

With dental bonding, the name implies the process: a tooth-colored material is applied, then adhered to the tooth. This material is usually made from resin, a durable plastic-based material that starts out like a putty and is hardened using a special curing light. This is an in-office procedure done by your Fayetteville dentist at Dental Traditions, and rarely requires the use of anesthesia, making it a painless procedure. It's also more cost-effective than other cosmetic procedures, such as crowns or dental implants, making it an all-around great way to improve your smile!

What does bonding fix?

Bonding can repair a lot of little, yet noticeable problems with your teeth. Small chips and cracks are easily masked by the opaque resin, as are stains which have shown to be resistant to whitening chemicals. Bonding can also fill in small gaps between the teeth and even out teeth which are significantly shorter than the ones around them. Your Fayetteville dentists also uses bonding as an alternative material for filling cavities.

If you think one or more of your teeth could benefit from the application of dental bonding, we here at Dental Traditions are here to help! Give us a call in Fayetteville, NC to set up an evaluation today!