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By Dental Traditions
November 07, 2019
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Your lost tooth may be gone, but that doesn't mean you can't replace it. In fact, it's possible to restore your entire missing tooth, from the Dental implantsroot all the way to the crown, with the help of dental implants! Here at Dental Traditions in Fayetteville, GA, your dentists, Drs. Edwin Richardson and Jonathan Robinson, can help you fill the gaps in your smile with this amazing restorative treatment—read on to learn if implants are right for your situation.


Dental implants serve as the foundation for your new tooth

Dental implants replace your natural tooth roots with tiny posts made of titanium, a lightweight metal that naturally bonds to bone. Due to this bio-compatible quality, as soon as the implants are placed in your jawbone during a minor oral surgical procedure, the bonding process begins.

Once your dental implants are securely attached to the bone (a process that usually takes about three to six months to complete), you will begin the next phase in the implant process. You will return to our Fayetteville office, where your dentist will add a connector to the top of your implants and make an impression of your mouth. This impression is then used to make dental crowns that perfectly fill the gaps in your smile. Your new dental crowns will then be connected to your implants to complete the creation of your new teeth.


Implants do more than just improve your appearance

A full smile is certainly important for confidence and self-esteem, but dental implants offer a few other benefits that you may not have initially considered. For instance, implants restore your ability to chew normally without decreasing your biting power. You'll be able to eat hard and tough foods without a problem because your implants are firmly rooted in your jawbone!

Dental implants also prevent jawbone resorption, which occurs when your jawbone shrinks after tooth loss. Your roots constantly stimulate the bone and keep it strong. Losing one or more teeth results in a loss of stimulation that can eventually cause resorption. When the bone becomes weaker, it may not be able to adequately support your teeth or the muscles in the lower part of your face. Fortunately, dental implants stimulate the bone and keep it strong and healthy.

Have you lost more than one tooth? Implants will work for you too. Implant-supported bridges and dentures offer a comfortable, long-term solution for people who have lost multiple teeth.


Need treatment? Give us a call

Don't let a missing tooth ruin your smile! Call your Fayetteville, GA, dentists, Drs. Edwin Richardson and Jonathan Robinson of Dental Traditions, at (770) 487-9797 to schedule an appointment.

By Dental Traditions
January 08, 2019
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Dealing with tooth loss? Our Fayetteville dentists have just the thing to help.

If you have just had a tooth extracted or you just lost a permanent tooth then you may be considering different treatment options for getting your smile back on track. The sooner you replace that missing tooth the better. Of course, our Fayetteville, GA, dentists Dr. Edwin Richardson and Dr. Jonathan Robinson are experts at treating tooth loss in adults. One way in which we can restore your smile is with dental implants.

A dental implant is made up of three different parts:

The implant, which is a small metal post or screw
An abutment, which joins the implant and false tooth together
A dental crown or visible portion of the restoration
Dental implants remain fixed permanently in place and cannot be removed like dentures or bridges. The titanium implant is surgically placed into the jawbone by one of our Fayetteville, GA, restorative dentists, where it will fuse together with the bone to become one. Since implants become a permanent part of your mouth they are truly the next best thing to natural teeth.

No matter whether you are missing one, multiple or all of your teeth, dental implants can help you if you are in good health. A single implant will be placed if you only need to replace one tooth; however, several implants can be placed along the jawbone to hold dentures firmly in place. So no matter whether you are just in the beginning stages of replacing a tooth or you aren’t completely satisfied with how your dentures stay in place, our Fayetteville, GA, general dentist could improve your smile with the help of dental implants.

Since implants fuse together with the jawbone they are designed to last a long time. How well you care for your new restoration and your oral health will also play a role in the longevity of your new tooth. Many patients who maintain good oral hygiene will keep their dental implant for the rest of their lives.

If you are an adult who is missing one or more teeth then it’s time to talk to the experts at Dental Traditions in Fayetteville, GA, to find out what we can do to help. Call our office today.

By Dental Traditions
October 17, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

The gaps in your teeth may seem as though they will be there forever and make you feel like your smile is subpar. However, you can closedental implants the gaps in your smile and replace your missing teeth with dental implants. This impressive dental procedure permanently replaces your teeth to provide a natural looking and beautiful result. Find out more about dental implants with Dr. Edwin Richardson and Dr. Jonathan Robinson at Dental Traditions in Fayetteville, GA.

How can dental implants help me?

  • Single Tooth Implants: A single tooth implant stands on its own within the jawbone and, once covered with a dental crown, replaces one tooth.
  • Multiple Tooth Implants: Multiple tooth implants use a dental bridge which spans the length of a gap made up of multiple teeth. The bridge has a dental implant on either side, standing alone unlike traditional dental bridges which require the help of the healthy surrounding teeth.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures: Implant-supported dentures replace an entire arch of teeth with a denture. The denture anchors into place on four or more implants placed along the arch.

Who is a good candidate for dental implants? 
Good general and dental health is an important aspect of being a good candidate for dental implants. In addition to good health, candidates should have a sufficient amount of bone volume underneath their missing teeth. The implants’ fixtures will sit inside the bone and depend on osseointegration, a process where the bone grows around the fixture, to remain permanently in place.

Dental Implants in Fayetteville, GA
If you think dental implants could help close the gaps in your smile, you will benefit from a consultation with your dentist to answer your questions and address your concerns. Understanding the procedure and what to expect is crucial to making the best treatment decision for you. For more information on dental implants, please contact Dr. Edwin Richardson and Dr. Jonathan Robinson at Dental Traditions in Fayetteville, GA. Call (770) 487-9797 to schedule your appointment with your dentist today!

By Dental Traditions
June 22, 2016
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Dental implants offer an excellent way to replace a missing tooth and keep your smile strong and healthy. Dr. Edwin Richardson and Dr. dental implantsJonathan Robinson, your Fayetteville, GA, dentists at Dental Traditions, share information about several of the most important benefits of dental implants.

Dental implants restore your self-esteem

When you lose a tooth, it's only natural to feel a little self-conscious about the way you look. Since society places so much emphasis on a perfect smile, a gap in your teeth can affect you socially and professionally. When you choose a dental implant, your dentist places a tiny titanium post in your jawbone. The post bonds to your jawbone over the next three to six months and provides a strong foundation for the crown he'll place on top. The crown looks so much like a natural tooth that no one will be able to tell that you ever lost a tooth.

Dental implants keep your jaw strong

Your tooth roots don't just anchor your teeth in place, they also exert pressure on your jawbone, which helps keep it strong. Bridges and dentures replace missing teeth above the gum line, but unlike implants, they don't replace your roots. If you choose those options, the bone under the missing tooth will begin to recede and weaken eventually, which may cause further tooth loss and facial sagging. When you choose a dental implant, your jawbone will remain strong because your implant will provide the pressure and stimulation it needs.

Dental implants offer oral health benefits

Your teeth help support the surrounding teeth. When one is lost, the others may begin to lean toward the opening in your mouth, which can cause your teeth to overlap. If you can't remove plaque from those overlapping areas easily, your risk of tooth decay increases. The loss of a tooth can also affect your bite, particularly if your teeth begin to drift. When you receive a dental implant, you won't have to worry about painful bite problems.

Implants protect your entire smile. Call Drs. Richardson and Robinson, your Fayetteville, GA, dentists at Dental Traditions, at (770) 487-9797 to schedule an appointment to find out if dental implants are a good option for you. Restore your smile with dental implants!

By Dental Traditions
August 20, 2015
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Dental ImplantsGet all of your questions answered before you get dental implants in Fayetteville.

Dealing with missing permanent teeth? Looking for the best way to replace your missing tooth? Dental implants have become a popular treatment option by your dentists at Dental Traditions in Fayetteville because they offer a long-term solution to your tooth loss. Before you get dental implants, you’ll want to find out more about this procedure and whether it’s right for you.

Q. Is getting dental implants painful?

A. Since these procedures are performed under anesthesia, this will greatly reduce and even eliminate any discomfort you experience during the placement of your implant. Furthermore, over-the-counter pain medications and prescription medications can also help reduce post-operative pain. The type and level of anesthesia used will depend on how many implants you need, but our goal is to always make your dental treatments as painless as possible.

Q. How long will getting dental implants actually take?

A. The treatment process fluctuates depending on several factors including a patient’s healing time, but getting an implant can take anywhere from a few months up to a year to complete. After the implant is placed it will remain uncovered under the gums for about three to six months to allow osseointegration to occur, in which the bones and tissue fuse with the implant.

The second part of the procedure will occur three to six months after the implant is placed (once osseointegration is complete). During this procedure, we will place an abutment, or connector piece that links the implant with the artificial tooth. About two to six weeks after the second procedure, your Fayetteville dentists will place your artificial tooth over the implant.

Q. Are dental implants expensive?

A. While dental implants are certainly an investment, the cost of non-treatment can be astronomically more. Also, while other tooth loss treatments can be less expensive upfront, these treatments aren’t designed to last as long and you may end up paying the same amount over time for adjustments and replacements. If you’re interested in dental implants we would be happy to talk about financial plans to make this procedure more affordable.

Q. Am I healthy enough for dental implants?

A. Many healthy individuals end up being good candidates for dental implants, but a lot will depend on your oral and overall health. While it’s rare, some patients may have certain health problems that could cause an implant to fail. Furthermore, any cavities or gum disease or necessary bone grafting must be taken care of before you can get dental implants. Your Fayetteville dentists will be able to determine whether implants are the best course of action for you.

Do dental implants have you intrigued? Want to find out if they could help you regain a full and healthy smile? Then it’s time to call your Fayetteville dentists Drs. Edwin Richardson and Jonathon Richardson at Dental Traditions to schedule a consultation. Treat your tooth loss as soon as possible and protect the rest of your smile.