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  • When Is A Root Canal Needed?
    When you’re dealing with an infection inside your tooth, it’s important to get treatment before the infection becomes even more serious. Dr. Edwin Richardson, Dr. Jonathan Robinson, and Dr. Lindsey Read more
  • Reasons You May Need A Root Canal
    A root canal may be the very last thing you want to have done, you may have heard the jokes. But the alternative leaves little to be desired, and chances Read more
  • Do You Need a Root Canal?
    Are you wondering why you really need to get root canal therapy? No one wants an aching, decayed tooth. While you may wish you had kept better oral care after the Read more
  • Causes of Root Canal Problems
    Problems in the root canal area of the teeth can be caused by such things as injury or decay. In cases in which the damage or decay is extensive, the Read more
  • How a Root Canal can Help Relieve Pain
    Many people find themselves avoiding root canals because they fear the pain they believe it will involve. Fortunately, root canals are not as painful as you may think. In fact, Read more