Tooth Loss Procedures

Tooth Loss Procedures

Wondering what to do about tooth loss issues in Fayetteville, GA? A smart first step would be to contact Dr. Edwin Richardson and Dr. restorative dentistryJonathan Robinson of Dental Traditions in Fayetteville, GA about your situation.

The truth is, you don’t have to live with tooth loss; in fact, some options the staff at Dental Traditions might explore with you include implants, bridges, and removable dentures. Each option has its advantages and what works best depends on the individual.

Dental implants, for example, are one of the most popular options for tooth loss remediation today. That’s because implants are the closest facsimile to your natural teeth, both in function and look. An implant procedure basically consists of inserting the implant directly into the jawbone. The bone tissue then heals around the implant, naturally and firmly anchoring it into place. Once the jawbone has healed, your Fayetteville dentist places a crown on top of the implant to complete the restoration.

However, implants are not for everyone. If you have underlying medical conditions such as diabetes or advanced gum disease your dentist may not recommend implants. Also, the process takes time - several months, depending on the healing process.

Bridges are also permanent fixes. In a bridge procedure, your Fayetteville dentist attaches a prosthetic tooth or teeth between two existing teeth that will serve as anchors. The dentist usually has to prepare the anchor teeth for the bridge. This, too, is a permanent solution in that the bridge is not removable.

A relatively inexpensive option is a removable partial denture. These are not designed to be worn all the time but will help restore your smile and help you eat, speak, and chew more easily.

Whatever your situation, you can rest assured that the qualified and caring staff at Dental Traditions in Fayetteville, GA will help you make the best decision for you. For more information call 770-487-9797.