How Dental Implants Impact Your Whole Smile

How Dental Implants Impact Your Whole Smile

Dental implants offer an excellent way to replace a missing tooth and keep your smile strong and healthy. Dr. Edwin Richardson and Dr. dental implantsJonathan Robinson, your Fayetteville, GA, dentists at Dental Traditions, share information about several of the most important benefits of dental implants.

Dental implants restore your self-esteem

When you lose a tooth, it's only natural to feel a little self-conscious about the way you look. Since society places so much emphasis on a perfect smile, a gap in your teeth can affect you socially and professionally. When you choose a dental implant, your dentist places a tiny titanium post in your jawbone. The post bonds to your jawbone over the next three to six months and provides a strong foundation for the crown he'll place on top. The crown looks so much like a natural tooth that no one will be able to tell that you ever lost a tooth.

Dental implants keep your jaw strong

Your tooth roots don't just anchor your teeth in place, they also exert pressure on your jawbone, which helps keep it strong. Bridges and dentures replace missing teeth above the gum line, but unlike implants, they don't replace your roots. If you choose those options, the bone under the missing tooth will begin to recede and weaken eventually, which may cause further tooth loss and facial sagging. When you choose a dental implant, your jawbone will remain strong because your implant will provide the pressure and stimulation it needs.

Dental implants offer oral health benefits

Your teeth help support the surrounding teeth. When one is lost, the others may begin to lean toward the opening in your mouth, which can cause your teeth to overlap. If you can't remove plaque from those overlapping areas easily, your risk of tooth decay increases. The loss of a tooth can also affect your bite, particularly if your teeth begin to drift. When you receive a dental implant, you won't have to worry about painful bite problems.

Implants protect your entire smile. Call Drs. Richardson and Robinson, your Fayetteville, GA, dentists at Dental Traditions, at (770) 487-9797 to schedule an appointment to find out if dental implants are a good option for you. Restore your smile with dental implants!